Startup Company Services

As a start up, small or medium sized company’s promoter, many entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to manage their finance, accounting and tax related matters and in most cases, end up spending a significant portion of their valuable time, on managing these issues. We are equipped to handle the entire range of issues concerning finance and accounting, thereby, freezing the precious time of the first generation entrepreneurs. Please do contact us for your requirements related to accounting and finance services for start-ups, finance and accounting services for small companies and for finance and accounting services for medium sized companies.

Some of the issues that we can handle for start-ups, small and medium companies are:

Assistance in incorporation of a new company

  1. Preparation of a good business plan which can be used for raising equity and debt.
  2. Handing finance, accounting, payroll, direct and indirect taxes and statutory compliance services, under one roof.
  3. Help in issues such as capital structuring, company law compliance, etc.
  4. Filing of all requisite returns, forms, etc.
  5. Assistance in introduction of a good budgeting system, which can tremendously help in controlling cots.
  6. Operating as Virtual CFOs.
  7. Helping the entrepreneurs understand and manage business, from a ‘finance’ point of view.

After starting your company, many of you have to decide on who controls the finances of your company. The number one reason why most of the start ups fail is because they run out of cash. So common reasons are that many entrepreneurs underestimate their costs for the near future and mismanagement of funds. Hence it is imperative for a startup to make sure that its finances are in order.