Skill Sector Services

SAES have worked immensely in the field of  skill sector services among the institutions through the various schemes at the central or state government level. This company helps institutions to fetch an affiliation from the government agencies conducting the skill sector programmes. Approval from government bodies like

  • BCI: Bar Council of India
  • AICTE: All India Council for Technical Education
  • MCI: Medical council of India
  • DCI: Dental Council of India
  • INC: Indian Nursing Council
  • CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education
  • ICSE: Indian Council of School Examination
  • NCVT: National Council for Vocational Training
  • NCTE: National Council for Teacher Education
  • QCI: Quality Council of India
  • CCIMS: Central Council of Indian Medical Science
  • NIOS: National Institute of Open Schooling
  • NSDC: National Skill

SAES recognizes all the beneficial schemes from the government agencies and assists the different institutions with various schemes like Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana- National Rural Livelihood Mission for promotion of skill development and livelihood opportunities for people in rural areas. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras (PMKK) which have already been promoted in more than 60 districts will through our assistance may reach other areas also. The proposed programme by Indian government of International Skills Centres  which will be established across the country has been studied very widely by SAES. These Centres would offer advanced training and also courses in foreign languages. This will help those of our youth who seek job opportunities outside the country. This may be established in any of the desired locale of India through our assistance as we may help you connect to these government bodies by preparing PMP (Project Management Proposal) for your institutions.



Micro finance

SAES cater funds to entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economic development of a country. We believe that  through funding microentrepreneurs will get the capital needed to run and expand their business. By providing a reliable source of credit to microentrepreneurs it allows them to make better plan for their business activities and manage their cash flows.

Capacity Building

SAES aims to strengthen individual or a group ability to work together for their benefit by providing them  the skills and tools they need to define problems, issues and formulate solutions. We help to create more effective leader in order to achieve their full potential through knowledge, technical skills, capacity and the ability to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts.

We develop capacity building in various ways like peer based learning, meeting facilitation, training sessions workshops and with other helpful resources. Our goal is to encourage individual or group through various activities to create effective leaders.