IT Management Services (ITMS)

Digital education system

SAES provide digital education which will help to gain effective knowledge and values with a  goal of improving the quality of learning. It can bring severe change in the world by producing useful and productive citizen. We  are imparting such an effective feature based system which will help parents and institution to reduce the education budget.

It helps in various ways like search and book an item online from school library,  teaching progress information to complete the syllabus in time, automatic attendance of staff and students, automatic timetable generation according to syllabus, online practice exam facility, individual assessment of students, reduce paper work and it is a time saving system.


IT Infrastructure Services

SAES provide IT services through reliable and effective technology to colleges universities. It will  help them in their superior teaching, research, creativity and learning activities. Our mission is to provide infrastructure services to our clients to run, build and manage their services quickly to allow for better integration with the current process and operation at optimum cost.

Digital empowerment

Through digital education we connect people with digital world. Today life is not possible without technology. Technology play a vital role in our life .It is an exertion to bring people out of digital dullness and empower them with information, digital education, digital importance in our day today life. We believe that with the help of digitalisation people will become more aware , inform, communicate and they can use their potential through digital technology which would give rise to digital empowerment. We encourage and provide digital education so that it helps people to know the importance of digital empowerment and how it is helpful in every steps of our life.


Different Technical Training

In this comparative world if you are not updated you are likely be out of use . Keeping this in mind SAES  have design set of courses for different engineering sector which will help the colleges and corporate to keep there students and employees updated and employable.