Planning a big conference or convention? There are lots of things to consider, from location to catering, IT and audiovisual requirements to finding everyone a suitable room for the night. These considerations crowd in on you mercilessly, and neglecting just one can mean calamity for your big events, whether they are conferences or sales presentations. Hiring conference event organizers can, with proper forward planning, help your big day to go off without a hitch, and provide a free service which can make a big event that much more special.

Conference event organisers will help at every stage of the planning of your convention, from identifying suitable locations and venues for your corporate event, negotiating with venues to secure the best rates and facilities, sourcing suitable accommodation, and ensuring that your other requirements are met, from catering and technical needs to liasing with the venue in the days before the conference, and organising site visits to tie up those final loose ends.

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s important to make sure that you are clear on your requirements, and the objectives you have in mind for your event, before you approach conference event organisers to enlist their services. Any venue finding company or conference event organiser can only act on your instructions to fulfil your requirements, and so you need to plot your objectives beforehand. What level of hospitality will you be laying on for attendees? What city do you want to site your conference in (and do you even want to hold it in a city)? How many delegates will you be expected, and when will you be able to finalise numbers with your chosen venue? Do you have any special requirements of the venue, for example in terms of the available IT and audiovisual equipment, or on-site advertising? These are considerations that conference event organisers will certainly be able to help you iron out with venues, but for them to do that, you’ll need to have a clear idea in your own mind of what you’re looking for from your convention – and if your plans change in response to their suggestions or comments, then so be it.

Having mapped out your objectives, you’ll sit down with the conference event organisers and they’ll listen to your brief. At this initial meeting you’ll be looking to narrow down the location of your conference and the sort of venue you’ll be looking to host the event, but don’t be afraid to listen to other ideas. Part of the upside of engaging the services of a venue finding service is that they’ll have an extensive list of contacts and venues that you weren’t, in all probability, aware even existed. Be prepared to think outside the box a bit – instead of the conference centre in your nearest large city, why not consider holding a corporate event in a country house, museum, or sporting venue? Choosing such a venue immediately marks your conference out from the usual circuit of convention centres and hotels, which to seasoned conference-goers can become quite mundane. And it opens up interesting possibilities for corporate hospitality and team building events, too.

The conference event organisers will be able to give you a guideline cost for hosting your event at a given venue, based on past experience and the current market. However, they’ll go direct to your chosen venues and negotiate the best possible rates with them – saving you valuable time and money. Having gone to the venues, they’ll come back with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of holding your conference at the proposed site, as well as your detailed requirements in terms of rooms, catering and technical needs. You can then make an informed choice between venues in order to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal, both in terms of value for money but also quality.