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University Management System (UMS)

UMS is a service offered by SAES which makes university management easy and convenient.

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Training Management System (TMS)

TMS is unique system for schools, colleges, corporate for better training outputs.

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Staffing Management Services (SMS)

SAES will help you to determine by a multivariate statistical technique which would help in identifying  the correct position of a person.

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IT Management Services (ITMS)

SAES provide digital education which will help to gain effective knowledge and values with a  goal of improving the quality of learning.

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Skill Sector Services

SAES have worked immensely in the field of  skill sector services among the institutions through the various schemes at the central .

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Research and Publications

Our extensive history and experience in international education positions us as an unparalleled consultant in program design.

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Events and Awards

SAES will assist to organise an assembly or meeting or gathering according to the need of the client.

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Entrepreneurship Development

SAES help to enhance entrepreneur skills and knowledge through structured training.

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Industries We Serve


It’s becoming more and more daunting to get prospects that are actually ready to buy insurance product. We address these needs by helping your insurance business identify qualified leads.


Whether you’re running an online training or a campus-based school, we help education organizations improve student enrolment right away. See how our clients benefiting from us.


The entertainment business offers a lot of job opportunities that do not necessary require a college degree yet offer a lot of income potential. Some job positions will require however some degree of skill or talent.

Real Estate

We know creating dominance in real estate business is challenging in a highly competitive industry. We make easy to find prospects with our cost-effective solution. We are help your company stand out from the rest.


Today, healthcare businesses are becoming more dependent on internet and social networks to maximize their marketing efforts. We are here to help your company stand out from the rest.


IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes.


The FMCG industry is truly vast. There are thousands of different roles and skills required and the opportunities range from marketing, sales, and retail. The FMCG industry is considered one of the most lucrative industries.


The Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is playing a critical role in driving the country’s economy by providing a diverse range of financial and allied services to the largely diversified demographic spectrum of the country.


A Pharma directory is basically a database or a collection of pharmaceutical companies and products. These directories enlist categories like different nations or different fields of the Pharma industry.

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